Business & IT Consulting

Avalon Consulting Services, Inc., has been providing consulting services to organizations since 2005. We help manage and deploy enterprise solutions with minimal impact on financial and human resources. With proven methodologies that utilize best practices and industry-specific models, our world-class technical and functional resources have both industry and product experiences to meet your mission critical needs.

Our Approach

Our success is based on our collective knowledge and experience as consulting professionals with skills in data, statistics, management, manufacturing, distribution, and operations. Our consultants have a proven track record of success and diverse skills to anchor new or cross-functional teams. Whether it is training, implementation, or support services, our consultants will deliver consistent quality results across your organization.

Rapid Change and Top Talent

In a world of rapid change, our technical and functional consultants continue to adapt and learn - to keep pace with the challenges both now and in the future. We are often asked by clients to evaluate new technologies and determine if the products or services are something they should be pursuing or avoiding. We believe that "an expert is someone who knows what you can safely ignore."